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Commissioning Process

By first having a detailed, meaningful conversation with a prospective buyer, I am able to determine, with the buyer together, to what level a display should be taken.

Examples of what I have used in my displays to bring the past to life include both the obvious - a ticket to the game, accompanied by a program and a yearbook, which together form a package purchased by millions of devoted fans over the years, at game after game – and the obscure. I will add photographs from the game, bringing actual glimpses of the very event so happily watched all those years ago. Then, I will do my best to listen to the client, hear what he or she is saying about that time, and try and add items that are truly unique to the memory they are re-creating.

To give an actual description of one of my displays, I once created a collage depicting the entire season of the 1955 Brooklyn Dodgers, the year they finally were able to stop saying, “Wait ‘til next year”. And yes, I included the tickets and the yearbook and the program, and the photos as well, but I also included a copy of the team’s actual home address and telephone number list, which included every member of the 1955 Brooklyn Dodgers. With this, the viewer can see what has always been said about the members of that team – that for the most part, they really did live amongst their fans in various parts of Brooklyn. Maybe one of the players lived around the block from the viewer and no one ever knew it! I also included an actual candy wrapper from a peanut brittle bar that was sold only at Ebbets Field, and even stated that fact emphatically on the wrapper. Perhaps the viewer had once, all those years ago, eaten some of that very peanut brittle on a warm Sunday afternoon in 1955. How’s that for bringing back a few memories?

Quality Framing

All of my pieces are framed by the metropolitan area’s leading picture framer, Total Framing, using only top quality materials. I always use UV-Ray protectant Conservation glass to front your display. The contents of a frame can fade from interior and exterior lighting so I make sure to use extremely high quality glass to ensure longevity. The protection doesn’t stop there! Museum quality acid-free matting is used to surround the contents in the frame. Proper matting is essential for many reasons. Acid-free matting will protect paper and textiles from deteriorating and also keep the glass from directly touching the prized artifacts and tangible memories now housed in the frame. Finally your collage is housed in a top quality wood moulding. I work with the Total Framing designers to make sure that your commission is transformed into a work of art that you will be excited to display prominently and that will last for years to come.

Located in Fairfax and Chantilly, Virginia, Total framing has been called the Metropolitan Area’s leading framer. Specializing in museum quality framing, Total Framing combines excellent design with the highest quality materials, resulting in an undeniably beautiful product.

Total Framing is a family owned and operated company. Scott and Terri Price, whose love for art , design and creation propelled them into the world of framing, are in their 24th year in the picture framing industry. Terri’s excellent design sense and Scott’s creative building skills make them a dynamic and creative team, able to meet and exceed any challenge set before them. The Prices have an outstanding design team, with each designer having between seven and twenty-two years of experience.

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